Bark n Borrow… A Corgi!


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A new app dubbed “Bark’N’Borrow” lets dog lovers nationwide borrow a corgi—or any kind of pup—through the platform, according to a Fox 5 New York profile. Owners create profiles for their dogs and then meet with prospective “borrowers” to see if their canine feels comfortable with them, and the app’s founder Liam Berkeley says borrowers are “vetted.” Next month, the app will start charging a $4.99 monthly subscription fee.

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Makers: Q&A with Chelsea Desforges

Chelsea Desforges is a creator in the corgi community known for her wood burned paintings. I wanted to learn more about her process and how she brings her artwork to life, and I’m excited to feature her as the first Maker as a part of our Maker Series! Thanks Chelsea for taking the time out to show us her work.

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