Makers: Q&A with Chelsea Desforges

Chelsea Desforges is a creator in the corgi community known for her wood burned paintings. I wanted to learn more about her process and how she brings her artwork to life, and I’m excited to feature her as the first Maker as a part of our Maker Series! Thanks Chelsea for taking the time out to show us her work.

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About Being An Illustrator

What made you want to become an artist/illustrator?

There’s just something about making something out of nothing that’s always resonated with me. This and knowing that, out of the millions of alternatives out there, someone loves something I made enough to hang it in their home….that has to be one of the best feelings ever. I’ve always been a painter, but the wood burning aspect is fairly new. It’s allowed me to create a whole new level of depth and shading in my pieces and I love how permanent it all feels.  Almost like your tattooing the wood and incorporating nature into the art.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Everyday I wake up covered in animals (3 cats and 1 dog who insist on sleeping in the bed with us).  I get up, make coffee, and head to my home studio where I start working on orders almost immediately. Throughout the day I’ll alternate between custom orders and different paintings i’m either doing for myself or for an upcoming show.  This keeps things fun and interesting for me and allows me to have a ton of different projects going at once.

This is Abba, the cat. 🙂


What artists do you admire, and where do you gather inspiration from?

I admire artists who aren’t afraid to use bright colors and paint weird things!  And by that I mean i’m typically drawn to cute-weird art, not scary-weird which isn’t always easy to find. Also, as cliche as it sounds, i’m inspired by any and everything around me.  I actually carry a notebook around with me so I can jot down ideas as they come.  Lately i’ve been leaning towards pieces that incorporate fun foods and silly animals.  I jreally enjoy taking things I love individually and combining them for maximum cuteness. Like manatees and donuts, a cup full of pugs, or a giant carrot surrounded by bunnies!  Again totally weird to some, but pure gold to others who love each element.



What does your workspace look like? What are your must-have tools?

My workspace is positioned right in front of a big window so I get the best, natural light to work with.  I have a ton of different paints, brushes, and a giant palette that’s covered in a million layers of paint. I also always have my wood burner handy and of course a big fan that (somewhat) helps keep the smoke out of my face as I burn.

Chelsea’s colorful workspace.


Can you show us progress photos for a corgi-related project that you’ve worked on recently?

Progress video of a custom portrait: 

About Corgis

Do you have a corgi? Tell us about him/her.

Unfortunately I don’t, but i help fill my corgi void by following a ton on Instagram and have joined WAY too many Corgi Facebook groups so I can see cute pictures daily.

What’s your favorite thing about corgis?

Their fluffy butts!

What’s your favorite corgi thing (that you own or want to own)?

I actually don’t know any famous corgis.  Guess I should really get out more!

Do you have any upcoming projects you’re really excited about?

I have some super cute custom pet portraits waiting in the queue right now.  My favorite are the silly ones where their dressed up, have their tongue out, or holding their favorite toy.  

Chelsea’s favorite (and ours too!)

We’re so excited about all of the future corgi pieces Chelsea will be working on and sharing with us. She clearly knows how crazy the corgi community is about our furbabies. 🙂

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