Rainbow Corgi Craft Night

Written by (our first!) guest blogger Sandy Woodruff and her corgi, Cookie


Have you ever played with Perler beads as a kid? We had a fantastic throwback last night at Craft Night at work. We started off with a blank grid with pegs on it, and placed little colorful beads, almost like pixels, into each of our own creations! I chose, of course, to make a big eared drummstick-legged corgfriend.

Makers: Q&A with Afra Chen & TheCORGILAND

This week on Makers, we chatted with Afra Chen, the creator of theCORGILAND.

TheCORGILAND was started in 2015 with just a few stickers, but Afra has expanded the product line to include stickers, blankets, floormats, pillows, and more!

Afra’s two corgis, Guoguo (red) and Dongdong (tri-color), were her original inspirations. She says, “Guoguo’s naughty eyes, funny butt wiggles and his giant ears fuel my ideas and designs. Before I had him in my life, I never fully understood the obsession between people and their pets.”