Furside Chat with Gatsby and Scout

Our special guests on Furside Chat this month are Gatsby and Scout (nicknamed “Scoutsby”), two corgsiblings from California. We talked to their mom about their Olympian agility skills, favorite foods, and what they love (and don’t love) about the brofurhood/sisfurhood. Enjoy!

You can follow more of Gatsby and Scout’s adventures on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook!

Hi Gatsby and Scout (and Mom)! Glad you and your pawrents could join us today. For those out there who are meeting Scoutsby for the first time, can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Hello! Gatsby and Scout’s “mahm” here. Gatsby and Scout — or “Scoutsby” — are brother & sister corgis living in sunny SoCal. Gatsby is 4 years old and Scout is 3 years old. They are not actual siblings, but they sure are the perfect pair! Gatsby is the more mellow one of the two. He enjoys fetch, playing tug, and agility. He is very easy going and is a certified mama’s boy. Scout is definitely the sassy one. She’s very mischievous and clever, which is not exactly a good combination when it comes to certain situations! She is the resident cuddle bug and loves to be pet; she will nudge your hand and encourage you to keep petting her if you stop. She is a daddy’s girl through and through.




– – –

What are their favorite foods, treats, and toys?

Honestly, they eat everything and everything can be considered their favorite. They most definitely LOVE doggie cake. Other favorite foods include bananas, watermelon, and goat’s milk cheese. One of Gatsby’s ultimate favorite treats are dental treats (which I find hilarious), and one of Scout’s ultimate favorite treat is Yoghund Frozen Yogurt (doggie frozen yogurt). One time, I caught her napping with an empty yogurt cup…



– – –

Gatsby is quite the agility master. Did that come naturally to him? How much training do you do per week to keep those stumps in gear?

I wouldn’t say he’s an agility master (yet!), but he definitely enjoys agility a lot. I think it definitely came naturally to him. He was very fearless as a young pup, so I always felt that he had the confidence for agility. We go to class once a week and will practice certain skills (like the weave poles) a few times a week. We try to attend agility practices known as show & go’s once a month, and we compete in agility trials about 2-3 times a month. For conditioning and stamina building, he goes on daily walks and of course, there’s also the daily workout session known as frapping and wrestling with his sister.




– – –

You’re also both excellent grass swimmers. What type of training does that entail? Are you joining the Grass Swimming Olympics?

I’d like to believe both of them were born as professional grass swimmers, so very little training, if any, is involved. Gatsby has even upped his game by grass swimming AND eating the grass at the same time. Gold medal athlete for sure.




– – –

What are some hidden talents you both have?

They are both excellent at conning treats from our vet, the vet techs, and of course, their grandma.



– – –

Scout, what do you love most about your brofur? And Gatsby, what do you love most about your sisfur?

Scout would probably say that what she loves most about her brother is the fact that he lets her boss him around. Gatsby would probably say that what he loves most about his sister is now that there are two of them, there are two of everything! Twice the number of toys and twice the number of treats! He is definitely operating under the “what’s yours is mine” mantra.



– – –

And the opposite… what are some pet peeves you have about your brofur/sisfur?

Gatsby would probably say Scout is too bossy, while Scout would likely complain that Gatsby often pushes her out of the way once she’s finished eating so that he can lick her food bowl.



– – –

If you were superheroes, what would you call yourselves, and what would your superpowers be?

Gatsby would be called Super Stumps and his superpower would be being extremely fast so he can conquer all those agility obstacles in a flash. As for Scout, well, I think she’d actually be better suited as a villain. 😛


– – –

Are there any fun plans or projects coming up for Scoutsby?

No projects or anything, but we do hope to take them on a road trip at some point this year. We’re also planning on taking them both hiking for the first time, and maybe taking them to see one of the national parks.


– – –

And anything you’d like to add before we wrap up?

Thanks for having us! Hope you enjoyed learning more about Scoutsby!


You can follow more of Gatsby and Scout’s adventures on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook!


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