Furside Chat with Daysie the Mini Corgi

I first met Daysie the Mini Corgi (and her mom) on Instagram. She stole my heart with her 15lbs of fun sized cuteness! Daysie and her mom are some of the nicest furrriends I’ve ever met on IG and I am so excited to showcase them in a Furside Chat. Enjoy!

You can follow more of Daysie’s adventures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Hi Daysie! Thanks for joining us for our furside chat today! Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what your furmily is like?

Hello! I’m Daysie Yumiko, a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I live in sunny Los Angeles, California. I am obsessed with all donuts, chasing squirrels and digging holes at the beach until I look like a sandy churro. I ‘m in love with making fun costumes and believe that I’ll be a Disney Princess one day!

I have quiet a big furmily! I have a total of four doggie brofurs [Beau,Chowder,Mochiko, and Duke] and one older sisfur [Ellie]. Also, one bunny brofur [Tofu] and two younger meow sisfurs [Peony and Periwinkle]. It’s amazing how we get along with each other so well. We do everything together as a pack. I love them with all my heart!

– – – –

You have so many brofurs and sisfurs! What’s your favorite thing about being a part of such a big family? What’s the toughest part?

Every morning I wake up to my brofurs giving me morning kisses on my face and snuggling sessions never end in our home! Since there’s so many of us, the treats and toys are literally 10x in our house. We have our own sections to separate our belongings! My siblings are my 24/7 body guards and I can trust them with all my secrets! Oh and there’s plenty of siblings to blame things on when I’m bad. I’m kidding, kind of. Being a part of such a big family is pretty amazing!

The toughest part for me sometimes would be begging for treats. When everyone is on their A-game, I really have to shake that fluffy momo of mine! It’s exhausting, but it always works for me. Half the time, the car windows are already filled with my siblings’ nose doodles, so like where can I put my drawings you know? I’m way too stumpy for the front window!

 – – – –

According to your bio, you’re mini-sized! Or fun sized as I like to call it. How mini are you? Do you like being teeny tiny?

I’m a just a little potato who was born one of the biggest of the litter and stopped growing! So now I’m the littlest of them all!  I’m a fun size of just under 15 pounds! Most of the weights are from my momo and satellite ears! Being tiny weeny is fun most of the time, but sometimes I wish I were tall like my pawrents so I can reach the noms!

 – – – –

Do you have any nicknames?

My pawrents like to call me “little macaroni” or “starfishy” [Cause I sleep like one sometimes], “Princess”, “Bunny Buns”, “Potato”, “Fluff Butt”, “and “Dayz-Dayz”. People we meet often calls me from a distance, It’s a “Baby Corgiiiii” or “Mini Corggiiiiiiii”! Little did they know, I’m a big girl now!

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 – – – –

What are your favorite foods, treats, and toys?

I’m on what you guys call, a “see-food” diet. When I see it, I nom it. Hehe, but nothing’s better than a dozen of donuts and a side of bacon please!

I love to play with all my squeaky donut toys and making fetch happen.

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 – – – –

Judging by your profile… you woof doughnuts! What’s your favorite type of doughnut?

I love all donuts, my tummy doesn’t discriminate hehe. Pink sprinkle donuts are forever, but I’m always open for options. Sugar, yes please! I’m a self-certified donut tester!

Question 6

 – – – –

You have quite the modeling career… What’s your secret to that million dollar smile?

To be honest, the secret to my million dollar smile is… “TREATTTSS!”

I’m a sucker for noms. They always get me.

 – – – –

Who are your best friendz?

My pawrents because they hold the keys to the treats to keeping my tummy satisfied! My grandpawrents for always spoiling me! But my all time favorite best friends are of course my fur siblings for always being by my side!

Question 8

 – – – –

You were on TV for Corgi Beach Day! How did you prepare and what was it like?

I took a long beauty sleep the night before to keep my fluff on point and made sure my momo didn’t loose its jiggle! It was really fun being carried by the reporter during the interview and I had a blast frapping with the other corgi pals! Who want to watch up in the morning with a beach side view, am I right?

 – – – –

Tell us about your favorite corgi memory so far.

There are so many great memories for the books! Like being a part of the SoCal Corgi Beach Day events, to meeting new friends, and just simply being a part of the lovely Corgi @Instagram community is a dream come true!

 – – – –

Are there any exciting upcoming things for Daysie?

I’m on my way to becoming a service dog, so I can help others and spread the love! Besides that, adventure is always out there for this little wanderlust corgi and my family! Let us know where are some fun places and yummy donut stores to visit in the near future!! So many more exciting memories to be created and can’t wait to do it all!

 – – – –

Anything else you’d like to add? Thank you Daysie! We woof you!

Thank so much! I accept payments in donuts please!

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