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Huzzah! The Android version of our Corgimoji Sticker app is now available in the Google Play store for $1.99USD. Because it was built specifically for Android, the functionality of the Android version is different from our iOS app. Make sure you read the instructions below. Please note that the screens may look different on different devices.

How to Use The Corgimoji Android App

Step 1: Download the Corgimoji app from the Google Play store, and open the app.

Step 2: Tap “Allow” on the permissions dialog (we will NEVER collect or store any of your personal data). All of your corgi stickers will appear on this page. Scroll down to see more. To send to friends, tap on a sticker. A pop-up (or drawer) will appear.

Step 3: Select the app or contact you wish to send your sticker to. 

Step 4: Send and you’re done!

Why do I have to pay $1.99USD?

Corgi Things is very much a passion project and is 100% funded by my own money. The earnings we take in from the app are then divided up to reward the small but nimble team that make these fun corgi things happen. The app currently contains over 50 stickers, all original artwork. We will also be releasing more add-on packs in the future, so the earnings we receive from this app will contribute to more fun corgi things!

Why do I have to ‘Allow Access’ and what does that mean?

Protecting your privacy is one of our main priorities. Setting your permissions to “allow storage access” lets our Corgimoji stickers to “talk to” and send the stickers through to other messaging apps. We will NEVER collect, store, or share personal info or track your messages.

What apps can I use to send the stickers with?

The Corgimoji app will automatically detect any chat/messenger apps on your phone after you tap on a sticker, so the apps that are listed are compatible with Corgimoji. 

Compatible Apps: Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Text Messaging

Why aren’t these stickers integrated with my phone keyboard?

There’s currently no dedicated sticker platform for Android that is supported by all devices. We wanted to keep things simple, so we created a separate app that displays all of the sticker in a gallery view, which could be shared on the various messaging apps on your phone.  

Can I save the stickers/emojis and share them with my friends?

No, all of the artwork featured in the app is created and owned owned by Corgi Things, and may NOT be reused or redistributed in any way without permission (send us an email at connie(at)corgithings.com). 

I don’t live in the US, can I still download the app?

Yes you can! The app is available in all countries. Just search ‘Corgimoji’ in the Google Play Store.


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7 thoughts on “FAQ: Corgimoji Android Sticker App

    • connie says:

      Hi Linda! Hmm, I’m going to need some more information, but for now, please make sure your Android phone is updated to the latest operating system, and that your message app is also updated too.

  1. Donald Clubb says:

    Gboard and numerous Android apps now have integrated stickers functionality. Will this app be updated to integrate with the keyboards functionality?

    • connie says:

      Hey Donald! We’ve only started researching into Gboard and Android keyboards but have not had the time to dedicate to implement new functionality. However, if you have any helpful tutorials or articles that could lead us in the right direction, that’d be super helpful! Feel free to send me an email or contact me via this page: https://corgithings.com/pages/contact

      Thanks again!

  2. Robin Johnston says:

    I love these stickers! But, I’m having a problem. I keep getting a message that the app has stopped, and then it automatically closes. Please, if you have any ideas how to fix this, let me know. Thanks!

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