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Anna is a newcomer to the corgi Maker scene from Moscow, Russia, and is the proud shopowner of TwoCloud. She creates clay corgi figurines wearing cute costumes! I started following her Instagram account early on, and really appreciated the sense of humor her corgi figures embody. I mean… there are corgis dressed up as a cowboy sheriffs, mermaids, dinosaurs… HOW ADORABLE, RIGHT?! Read more about Anna below and be sure to check out her shop as well. (Click on any image to visit her shop)

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Look at all the funny costumes!

Hi Anna, can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you make?

My name is Anna and I currently live in Moscow, Russia. I’m very interested in impressionism, French language, lava cakes, Polaroid photos, jazz, pins, animals and collections!

Meet Anna

About 4 months ago I opened my Etsy store where I sell mostly corgi figurines in different shapes and costumes! The idea of launching Etsy shop with corgi figurines wasn’t spontaneous. For over a year I was thinking of opening Etsy shop, I had some experiments with air dry clay at first, then polymer clay. This year I got my bachelor degree and during the summer when I got more free time I decided that it was the perfect time to start! The first corgis I made were Hotdog and Mermaid corgi totems. I listed them on my Etsy and the following day I had my first order! That was an unbelievable start 🙂 Now I have over 30 kinds of corgi figurines and try to make new ones every week, currently working on Christmas theme corgis.

Anna’s first corgi figurines!
A preview of a Christmas Corgi Ornament!

– – – – –

What is your background in? Have you always been creative? When did you first start?

I was creative from the very childhood, I think. When I was little, I was making little books for my toys, sometimes even spending more time at home than with friends because I was fascinated with the process of creating!  When I was thirteen I entered art school. I think it gave me a lot of art experience. I loved being there, painting still life for hours… but my favorite class was sculpting class. We were making traditional Russian toys out of clay and it was the first time when I learned how to work with this material. I enjoyed the process completely! Hopefully I will be working with it as well as polymer clay in the future.

Sushi and flower crown corgis.

– – – – –

What does your workspace look like? What are your must-have tools?

My studio is basically my bedroom. I don’t need much space to make figurines. The walls are beige, covered with photos, posters and some of my oil paintings which I like the most. My desk is white as well as all the other furniture. And little corgi figurines are almost everywhere 🙂 Talking about tools, usually I don’t use many of them, I make all the figurines with hands. My must-have tools are stationery knife which I find the best for making really tiny parts of my figurines, little rolling pin which I use to make the shape more perfect, then, of course, polymer clay, acrylic paints with brushes, and matte polish.

Anna’s workspace.
Corgis patiently waiting to be painted.
Anna’s must-have tools.
Packaged up and ready to go to their new homes!

– – – – –

What was the inspiration behind your designs?

My main inspiration is corgis, of course! I just love these little paws and short legs, their fluffiness and good nature! Unfortunately, I don’t have a corgi myself but I’m dreaming of one. Hopefully, soon in the future a sweet corgi pup will be sitting on my lap Or maybe, I’ll have a couple of them!

I love that I can make my figurines no matter what mood I’m in. It never happens when it comes to oil painting, for example. I can be happy or frustrated and anyway I’ll be enjoying making my little corgis!

Springtime corgi with her flower crown
There’s a corgi for every occasion.

– – – – –

What pieces are you most proud of? Which pieces are most popular?

I think my favorite ones are Wizard corgi and Corgi girl with little rose band on her head. Also I like little Sheriff corgi and little Robber, haha. Actually, it is really hard to decide!

Heeheehee! There’s no escape now!
Corgi wizard with a little wand in his pocket!

– – – – –

Have you done any custom pieces? What have been your favorites so far (most whimsical, fun to make, most challenging, etc)?

It’s so very pleasant to receive positive replies for your work! I had many orders of Corgi Couple Bride & Groom as wedding cake topper and I’m happy to know that my figurines were a part of this important event.

Corgi wedding cake toppers. I love all the details on their outfits.

– – – – –

Are there any exciting, upcoming projects for you that we can look forward to? What have you learned so far since starting your shop?

I have a lot of ideas that I want to make true in the future. Now I’m making sets of corgi decorations and magnets for Christmas and New Year. Soon I’ll be releasing winter corgi figurines wearing hats and warm sweaters

Holiday sweater and corgi elf! Adorable.
Corgi stocking ornament for Christmas!
Corgi wreath ornament.

Also, I have an idea of making little stop motion videos with my corgis! I am sure it would be so fun to make!

Besides, I’m looking for the charity projects there people help homeless dogs. I’d love to be part of it! Even if I can help just a little, it’s worth it!

I am new on Etsy but I really love what I am doing now. Honestly, I can’t imagine better work for me! I love being creative every day, organizing my time by myself, being my own boss. And I hope that one day it will turn into full time job.



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