Freebie: Obsessive Corgi Disorder Phone Wallpaper


It’s the day after Christmas, and we survived! I’d like to thank everyone for all the support for our first holiday season. As a part of that thank you, I’d like to offer everyone a little downloadable freebie.

Here’s a phone wallpaper for everyone for their lock screens! Click on the image to save to your phone:



More Corgi Things:

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The (Procrastinator’s) Corgi Gift Guide

HOLY CORGI BUTTS!santa-corgi

It’s already December 15th. I repeat. DECEMBER 15TH. Christmas is only 10 days away and maybe you’re scrambling to find some last minute gifts… but don’t freak out yet! Here are some fun things for the corgi-obsessed friend in our lives (that person might even be yourself—in which we say, TREAT YO SELF) that ship FAST or even instantaneously through digital download.