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If you need to know anything about me, it’s that I love all things corgi (duh) and all things DISNEY! Corgis are the #1 obsession in my life, and Disney is #2.  I take a trip to Walt Disney World every other year, read Disney blogs, listen to Disney music, and watch Disney videos. So what happens when you marry the two things I love together? *cue celebratory music* HEAVENNNNNN in the form of Mickey ears!

10 GIFS that Perfectly Sum Up Life With a Corgi

Guest Post Written By: Dante F

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Life with a corgi poses some interesting challenges, especially when you’re the parent of an energetic, and always hungry, little stumper. It’s even more challenging when you’re a lazy, sleepy little sloth. Scroll-down to see 10 animated GIFS that perfectly sum up life with a corgi, as told through the eyes of Slothilda Sloth and her dog, Peanut.

Guest Post: Can I Give My Dog Dramamine?

Guest Post Written By: Sarah Robinson via

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With so many of the fun places to visit with dogs needing a journey to get there, cars and dogs are as closely linked as movies and popcorn. Unfortunately for those canines that suffer from motion sickness, even a short trip can leave them shaking and salivating, and breakfast making an unscheduled reappearance; which may make you think twice before setting off to explore a new park.

Furside Chat with Topi the Corgi

Topi is the internet’s newest Corgi Celebrity. If you’re a corgi fanatic, chances are you’ve come across Topi’s adorable antics through his “pawpular” videos. I’m beyond excited to feature Topi here on our blog, and am admittedly a little starstruck (ok, I lied, I’m VERY SUPER DUPER STARSTRUCK AHHHH)! *insert lots of heart eyes here*

Huge thanks to Topi for being a part of our Furside Chat Series, and more thanks to his pawrents for typing out Topi’s answers on the computer for him. 😉