Product Review: Waffles the Memory Plush

A few months ago, we posted an interview featuring Sherrill and Andy from Memory Plush. They were preparing to launch their Kickstarter campaign for their very first Memory Plush… Waffles the Corgi! To no surprise, they met their goal in only 8 hours and ended their incredible campaign with over 1000 backers.

We were lucky enough to receive our plush a bit early (thank you Sherrill and Andy). So in the past few weeks, we’ve snuggled, fetched (yes, fetched), and spent quality time with our Waffles and are now ready to share some of our experiences! Here’s a ‘corg’prehensive product review about Waffles the Memory Foam Corgi:

Waffles has become our couch buddy. 😀

“Ooooooh, so soft!”

When Waffles arrived, I opened the box and was first greeted by his cute little corgi butt and stubby legs. As I took him out of the box, I was stunned by how SOFT he was! He is 15.7 x 8.7 x 5 inches, a little smaller than our Lucy.

FullSizeRender 3
Almost twinsies!

And since he was memory foam, I had to test the squishiness of his loafy body… demonstrated here:

Squish test 😀

“Lucy took a liking to Waffles”

For the most part, Lucy has claimed Waffles as her own. She sleeps next to him and chomps on his ears. Lucy especially likes playing fetch with Waffles… hint: he’s usually the one being fetched! I’m not sure other corgsters and humans who own Waffles have used him as a fetch toy, so Lucy decided to test that on her own. 🙂 Waffles has been thrown around (literally) and held up VERY well so far.

Waffles is my friend.
A friend that I nom nom on!

“Time for a bath”

Trust me when I say that Waffles is durable. He’s gotten about 2 baths since we’ve adopted him. 🙂 I thought the process of washing Waffles was really easy! Un-velcro the bottom, take out the memory foam (don’t wash this!), and drop Waffles into the laundry machine on a low and cold setting. I dried Waffles on a low tumble dry and delicate setting. I was a little nervous about throwing him in the dryer because I was afraid he’d shrink, but it turned out great. There was no shedding, pilling, or damage at all. I actually love that the closure is velcro, way easier than fussing with a zipper.

Easy to wash and “reassemble” because of the velcro closure. No zippers to fuss with = EASY!

All in all, we’re very happy with Waffles and would recommend him to every corgi lover out there! Waffles is currently residing on our couch and is my go-to pillow friend during my Netflix and YouTube binge sessions. I can’t wait to see what else Andy and Sherrill have in store for the future!

“Chillin with my Waffles”


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