We Went to a Corgi Picnic Meetup And It Was Pawesome

On August 18th, the annual NJ Frap Pack Corgi Picnic took place at Fords Park in Woodbridge, New Jersey. 111 corgis (plus their hoomanz) were in attendance this year, including some new puppy members that we all took turns petting and swooning over. The annual picnic is organized by Marc and Cynthia Dalangin, the founders of the Frap Pack corgi group, along with dozens of volunteers who donated their time to help out.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Taking a Road Trip With Your Corgi

Featured Photo Credit: TheDailyCorgi

Guest Post Written By: Angie Hill of WoofDog.com

Traveling with any pet can be quite an adventure, but traveling with a corgi is a pretty unique experience. I recently learned this after going on a short road trip to visit friends in another state. My corgi, Orbit, was just over a year old at the time, and this was to be his longest car ride ever.