Guest Post: Fun Corgi Puzzles Made with Household Items

Guest post by Mat Coulton

Corgis are smart dogs. Stimulating them to think and learn is just as important as regular exercise. This article will give you some great ideas for making some fun toys for your little Einstein out of every day household items.

Great for a rainy day or just for entertainment, give some of these toys a try:

Muffin Tin Puzzle

This is a great indoor game to get your Corgi engaged. Simply drop a treat or piece of kibble into the tin and top with a tennis ball. You may need to help your dog started, but once they learn the game it will be a race to the finish!

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Outdoor Ice Surprise Cake

This is great opportunity to combine the hydration and cooling power of ice during the heat of the summer months. Use a large freezer safe container or ice tray to hide treats and/or toys in a frozen block. Start by freezing a few inches of water, adding some treats and more water, and repeating to create layers of cold licking fun.

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Plastic Bottle Treat Puzzle

An empty plastic bottle makes a cheap and easy treat dispenser that will provide mental and physical stimulation for your Corgi. Simply cut a few holes just about the size or your dog’s kibble. Use a funnel to pour dinner into the bottle and your dog will have a little work to do to earn their meal. Nothing better than a job well done and well rewarded to keep a smart dog entertained.

Canister Treat Puzzle

A variation on the previous puzzle is to go larger with a plastic canister with a tight-fitting lid. Cut larger holes in the side than the kibble and fill the canister with the cores of paper towel rolls cut so they will fit loosely. Add kibble for a more challenging puzzle game that will keep your Corgi engaged longer.

Peanut Butter Ends

Before tossing that empty jar of peanut butter in the trash, consider giving it to your Corgi for a rewarding licking session. Your pup will thank you. Make sure to keep an eye on them with this toy as some dogs will try to chew the plastic after they get most of the peanut butter out, which is not a good idea.

Note: Please check the ingredients in your peanut butter! Some peanut butters use artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which will be toxic for your dogs if ingested. Stick to high quality, all natural, unsweetened peanut butters.

Photo Credit: Jarvis the Corgi
Photo Credit: Jarvis the Corgi

Box Game

Empty cardboard boxes offer a great deal of opportunity for stimulating fun of all kinds. Try cutting a hole in the side too small for your Corgi to get in, but large enough to drop in a small toy. This works especially well if the box is small enough for your dog to be able to nudge it over to release the toy.

Another option is to close the box with some high value rewards in it. This is going to be a fun shredding game so be prepared for a little clean up with this frustration relieving exercise. Also, be sure the box is free from staples before letting your buddy go to town. If your dog is prone to eating cardboard, this is probably not the best choice for a rainy-day game.

Blanket Monster

A great interactive game is to simply use a blanket to either cover your dog for some rough housing, or going under to be the “prey.” This is good choice for burning off some excess energy while bonding with your Corgi on an inside day. If you have a multiple dog household, this game will be so popular you may want to dedicate a special blanket for the job.

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Photo Credit: Unknown 🙁

Blanket/Towel Ball

If your Corgi knows how to seek and fetch a ball, another blanket game is to hide a favorite squeaky toy in a blanket or towel and let your dog have the challenge of finding it. It is a joy to watch your furry friend develop different strategies over time as they perfect their methods.

For best results, start easy: Lift a corner of the blanket and let your buddy see you hide the toy. As they build some confidence with the game, make it more challenging by wrapping the blanket around the toy before setting them loose on the hunt.


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Mat Coulton has worked with dogs for just under a decade and is the founder of, a doggy lover’s website that provides great tips and advice for pet parents everywhere. Got an eldery dog?


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