Makers: Q&A with Joseph Court Candles

Denise Allegro is the owner of Joseph Court Candles, a candle company based in Mount Airy, Maryland. Denise started her company in 1998, after many years of working in the corporate finance world. She now has 205 scents (!!!) available in her collection, all tested and poured by hand. Denise is our October Maker of the Month and we were honored to have her participate in our Q&A!

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business Joseph Court Candles?   

My background consists of me working for Corporate America ever since I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. For 6 of those years I was a stock broker on Wall Street. While working full time, I dabbled in candle making. I love candles and I tired of buying candles that did not burn properly. I realized that the bottom line is I am an entrepreneur at heart. I needed to find an outlet to express my creativity and imagination that combined positive energy and love that I could share with others.

Joseph Court Candles started in 1998 out of pure determination to build a great smelling candle that was safe, affordable and environmentally friendly. After 2 years of research and development, lots of classes and trial & error, I built a candle that would exceed all of my expectations. I use a coconut soy blend of wax. The coconut scent has been extracted from the meat of the coconut so as not to interfere with the Vegan friendly oils that I use to “build” my candles.

The full Corgi Collection from Joseph Court Candles.

– – –

What is the candle making process like?

A candle is actually a machine and the wick is the engine. Finding the right combination of wax and wick and scent load is like fine chemistry and each candle scent is a different equation. Currently we offer 205 different scents to choose from… so that’s A LOT of chemistry!!! I have a 900 square foot studio in my house where I hand blend and pour all of these one by one. All candles go through a quality assurance test for burn time, scent throw and safety. I pour in small batches and sometimes there are slight variations in shades based on batch. I have fun with the names of the candles as one can see once visiting our website.  My favorite saying is “Be the light is someone else’s life”… Joseph Court Candles has allowed me to be the “light.”

Candle-making tools.
Rows and rows of candles.

My workshop is full of wax, jars, wicks, vegan friendly oils, wick centering devices, a very large water jacket heater that melts 60 pounds of wax at a time and lots of paper towels!!

Denise’s candle workshop.

– – –

What inspired the Corgi Collection?

Corgi’s have owned my life for 35+ years. Yes, they own me!!! I love the breed, the demeanor, the attitude and playfulness that comes with their loving package. I have always owned 2 males at a time and the combination has always been one Fluffy and one standard Corgi. Currently, I have Finnegan who is a red headed tri. Finnegan is 3 years old and he is the inspiration behind the corgi on our Corgi Candles. I commissioned an artist to draw Finnegan. Once Finnegan was drawn, we lovingly named the rendering “Flicker”.

Finnegan, the inspiration behind Flicker.

I also have a 2 year old Fluffy named Frankie. Finnegan and Frankie are only 10 months apart and are a dynamic duo. I don’t stand a chance with them as they are both ”shenanigators”. Frankie has earned the title of CEO OF THE SHENANIGATION COMMITTEE in our house as he is very clown like and contrary. I adore my boys!!!!

Dynamic Duo!
Frankie’s floppy ears!
Frankie is so floofylicious 🙂

– – –

Do you have any business advice or words of wisdom for other Makers and artists trying to pursue their passion? 

Every stumbling block that you encounter is an opportunity to learn and be better at your craft. Don’t settle for mediocre. Dream VERY VERY BIG and align your heart with your projects.

If you are doing what you love, it’s hard to classify what you do as work!

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(Exclusive our code!! Use code “FRAPPING5” to receive $5 any order of 6 candles or more)

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