Product Review: Corgi Collection by Joseph Court Candles

Denise Allegro is a fellow crazy corgi lady who also happens to be the owner of the amazing candle company Joseph Court Candles. (Check out her Makers Q&A to read all about the story behind her business. She’s such an inspiring entrepreneur!)

Denise and I connected after I saw her adorable corgi candles pop up in my Corgi Nation Facebook groups. She just released her corgi-themed candle collection this year and people were going bananas over them! Those adorable candle names really sealed the deal for me… “Splootin’ Pantaloons”, “Welsh Wiggle Butt”, and “Low Rider Love” just to name a few.

When I chatted with Denise, she told me about the process in which candles are tested and developed. She focuses a large part of her time and energy into research and development of her proprietary formulas, always striving to evolve and perfect her products over time. Denise is like a mad scientist of the candle world… her knowledge of candles is so extensive! The most incredible part is that she’s been a one woman show for over 10 years (with occasional help from her husband and two corgis). Denise has a 900 sq foot workshop in her home, where she hand pours each candle herself. She personally ensures that each product is the highest quality she can offer. The end product definitely reflects the thought, love, and care put into them.

Candle Details:

Wax Type: Soy & coconut wax blend
Size: 10 oz
Price: $11 each
Burn Time: Approx 80 hours
Wick: Single wick

The Corgi Collection

The Corgi Candle collection features their mascot, Flicker, and was inspired by Denise’s love of corgis over her lifetime. There are a total of 19 scents available in the collection.

19 Scents in the Corgi Collection (featuring her newest label design))!

It was tough to choose, but I picked out 5 of them to try:

I chose 5 of her corgi candles to try: Corgi Fairy Saddle, Welsh Wigglebutt, Splootin’ Pantaloons, Corgi Cottage, Low Rider Love.

Corgi Fairy Saddle

Fresh cucumbers mixed with melon! Super crisp, energizing candle

Welsh Wiggle Butt

Piping hot cinnamon bunz with vanilla icing

Splootin’ Pantaloons

The scent of bergamot and mandarin oranges! Citrus!

Corgi Cottage

Grapefruit, orange zests, and tangerines blended with apples, pears and ylang ylang on a base of soft, fresh ozone summer air

Low Rider Love

Sparkling champagne blends with twinkling star fruit. A sprinkling of peonies, sugared sandalwood and amber rounds out this magical candle

Here’s a list of the rest of the corgi scents available…

Corgi Castle (Blue)

A soft blend of peonies, hyacinth, day lilies, apple blossoms and bergamot flowing through the wind

Corgi Castle (Purple)

Juicy plums mixed with a hint of tart cranberry baked to perfection

Corgi Kisses

The welcoming aroma of tart apples and sugary berries laced with cinnamon

Corgi Meadow

Freshly clipped from the garden herbs, a pinch of freesia, plumeria and a sprig of earthy lavender. Super soft…very feminine

Frappin’ Frappucino

Espresso, sweet mocha sauce and peppermint flavored syrup. It’s all topped off with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls

Corgi Capers

Oranges, strawberries, apples, grapes, mangoes, and lemons mix up to make a great summery scent

Drummies & Mitts

Fresh countryside air with grass clippings! Super fresh!

Corgi Fairy Warrior

Fresh watermelon

Doublewide Welsh Trailor

Apricots are blended with fragrant freesia to create this beautiful combo

Strike A Derp

Pomegranate blended with orange, cinnamon and vanilla

Corgi Angel

Soft cotton with nuances of ylang-ylang and rose

Corgi Cowboy

An exotic blend of lime, Australian bamboo and lemongrass. This is so fresh and energizing!

Corgi Cornbread

The fresh smell of cornbread in the oven lightly sprinkled with cinnamon for good measure

Pippi Short Stockings

Clary sage, Italian lemon, and hints of bergamot intermingle with spicy orange. Cedarwood and amber

(See all 19 corgi candles on Denise’s website)

My Thoughts

Now that the weather has gotten cooler, I’ve really been enjoying these candles throughout the day. Despite the candle being made of a blend of soy and coconut, there is no underlying coconut scent so the essential oils really shine through.

Corgi Fairy Saddle is my go-to scent.

“Corgi Cottage” and “Corgi Fairy Saddle” are perfect as daytime scents… they’re super fresh and airy. “Welsh Wiggle Butt” and “Low Rider Love” are the ones I like to burn before bed, as a part of my nighttime routine; the warm sugary scents makes me feel so cozy! “Splootin’ Pantaloons” is has a citrusy aroma that works for both day and nighttime. Plus, the name is fluffin’ ADORABLE! The intensity of the scents all range, so there’s something for everyone. I personally prefer lighter scents, and found these candles to be beautifully fragrant without being too overpowering.

Queen Lucy approves that the house now smells good like nomnoms. 🙂

I highly recommend these candles for anyone who wants to add a little corgi love to their home. They’re also perfect as holiday gifts! Denise was generous enough to share an exclusive coupon code with our Corgi Things followers & readers, so you can get your paws on these candles too! (Use code “FRAPPING5” to save $5 on orders of 6 candles or more)


Support Denise & Visit Her Shop:

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Use code “FRAPPING5” to save $5 on orders of 6 candles or more!



FTC Disclaimer: I was sent these candles in exchange for a product review. All thoughts and opinions are mine, and I only endorse products I love and enjoy!


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