Corgi Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Corgi Gifts

Romance is in the air! With Valentine’s day fast approaching we’ve curated some amazing gifts for the corgi lover in your life.

1. Corgi Knuckle Ring

An elegant and subtle way for you to profess your love of corgis. This 18K gold ring will be sure to leave you loved one howling over it’s beauty. (Purchase link)

2. Heart Balloons Corgi Mug

Nothing says “I love you” more than caffeine. Designed by Corgi Things, available in two sizes and pick your pup color! (Purchase link)

3. Corgi Coloring: Short, Sweet & Scamp by Katie Fiete

Coloring books are sweet and to the point, this one just happens to be a little stumpy too. It’s reasonably priced too. (Purchase link)

4. Corgi Valentine’s Day Pillow

Spruce up your romantic evening with an artful portrait pillow by Caroline’s Treasures. (Purchase link)

5. Plush Corgi Bouquet

Flowers are overrated, corgis are better and certainly more unique. The bouquet includes 9 plush corgis, more puppers = more to love. (Purchase link)

6. Corgi Valentine’s Day Snuggle Greeting Card 

Corgitine’s day is for snuggles. So grab your favorite blanket and let’s cuddle. (Purchase link) 

7. Corgi Kisses Enamel Pin

Corgi kisses are the best kisses so why wouldn’t you share them with your loved one? Pins are the perfect accent piece for.. well, everything. (Purchase link)

8. Corgi Wine Bottle Carrier Tote 

Corgis & wine and we’re all fine! Love and wine is as romantic as it gets, up your wine game with a fancy tote. (Purchase link) 

9. Love My Pup Sweetheart Plush Dog Toy

Why do the humans get all the love? Your pup deserves the best on Valentine’s Day. After all, they love you the most! (Purchase link) 

10. Love My Pup Lovestruck Heart Dog Headband

When a dog has been struck by Cupids arrow, sometime’s they just wear their heart on their sleeve… err, head. (Purchase link)

11. Sweeter Vest

You’ve got to look your best for date night, especially on Valentine’s Day. (Purchase link)

12. Dog Bow/Bandana 

While your at it, don’t forget to accessorize! Bows and bandannas to complete any date night look. (Purchase link)


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent as a couple or even with humans. You can celebrate however you’d like, even if that means treating yourself to something nice. How are you planning to spend your Valentine’s Day?


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