Corgi Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is right around the corner. Whether your a human mom and/or a corgi mom, we’ve got some amazing gift ideas for you. Nothing says “Mother’s Day” more than cute stumpy dogs.

1. Corgi Mom Vinyl Car Sticker

Show your dog mom pride to the world, wear it loud and proud. (Purchase link)

2. Corki Wine Stopper

If there’s one trick the Corky can do, it’s keeping your bottle fresh for the next round. So keep yourself out of the dog house and let the Corky keep your best wines on a short leash. (Purchase link)

3. Corgi Stemless Wine Glass

There’s always time for wine. (Purchase link)

4. Ricco the Corgi Tri-Blend Dolman Shirt

Give this adorable guy a good home! A comfy cozy tri-blend tee. (Purchase link) 

5. Hello Corgeous Doormat

A confidence booster every time you come home. (Purchase link)

6. Corgi Mom T-Shirt

Wear your corgi love like the heart on your sleeve. (Purchase link)

7. “I Loaf Your Buns” Apron

We loaf your buns! Fully customizable in various colors. (Purchase link)

8. I Woof You Greeting Card

Send this to someone you woof! <3 (Purchase link)

9. Corgi Dreams Hardcover Sketchbook

For notes, day dreams or shopping lists! (Purchase link) 

10. Personalized Pembroke Welsh Corgi Necklace

Custom Dog Silhouette Necklace made in USA. (Purchase link) 

11. Corgi Tote Bag

Various styles and colors to choose from! Perfect for the beach, as a diaper bag or for craft items. (Purchase link)

12. Dog Mom, Mother’s Day Card

The. Best. Ever. (Purchase link)


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Corgi Things! What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?


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