Corgi Gift Guide: Stumpin’ Cute Enamel Pins

There’s no denying it, enamel pins are making a comeback. They’re on backpacks, jackets, pin boards and even dog bandannas. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite corgi enamel pins that are available right now.

1. Corgi Butt Enamel Pin

If corgi butts drive you nuts, this is the perfect accessory for you. This little one inch booty is the perfect bit of flair. (Purchase link)

2. I Heart Wine Enamel Pin

Wine + Corgis = YES! It’s totally okay to have a little corgi with your wine. (Purchase link)

3. Smiling Corgi Enamel Pin

Smiles are infectious, just ask this pin. (Purchase link)

4. Corgi Pineapple Dole Whip Enamel Pin

The perfect sweet treat to beat the summer heat. (Purchase link)

5. Corgi Kisses Enamel Pin

Nothing says romance like kissing corgis. Spread your corgi love far and wide. (Purchase link)

6. Banjo the Unicorgi Enamel Pin

The most magical creature in existence, the Unicorgi. Cute and majestic! (Purchase link)

7. Totoro Corgi Enamel Pin

A soft companion for you to go on adventures with. (Purchase link)

8. Corgzilla Enamel Pin

It’s the fiercest kaiju this side of Tokyo. His little stumps are out to destroy whole city blocks. (Purchase link)

9. Mercorgi Enamel Pin

It’s like a corgi and a fish got together and had a puppy. Go under da’ sea with the magnificent mercorgi. (Purchase link)

10. Squirtle Corgi Enamel Pin

#SquirtleSquadGoals. (Purchase link)

11. Party Pup Malygos Enamel Pin

It’s not a party without this party animal. (Purchase link)



Pins are so versatile, they can be worn or used for nearly anything. Are you a pin collector and where do you sport your pins?


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