Corgi Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Father’s day is almost here! There’s no better way to spend it than with corgis and we’ve got the best picks for Father’s Day corgi gifts.

1. Corgi Cufflinks

Subtle, elegant and classy! Pewter cufflinks handmade in the USA. (Purchase link)

2. Welsh Corgi Tie

A staple Father’s Day gift, the tie has been given to dads everywhere for decades. What’s better than a tie with corgis on it? Nothing really. (Purchase link)

3. Incorgnito Corgi Ceramic Mug

Live out your very own spy novel with your trusty “Incorgnito” mug, no one will ever suspect you! (Purchase link)

4. Corgi Dad Baseball Cap

Tell the world you’re a Corgi Dad and living that Pembroke life. (Purchase link)

5. Leather Card Slip

A simple and elegant solution to carrying your cards. Handmade in genuine leather. (Purchase link)

6. Pizza Corgi Neoprene Lunch Tote

Bring your corgi AND pizza obsession to work or school with a new corgi themed lunch tote! (Purchase link)

7. Corgi Table Lamp

Illuminate your life with a corgi, it’ll light up the room and add to your corgi obsession. (Purchase link)

8. Tropical Corgi Beach Towel

Sit down, relax, grab a tropical beverage and watch the sunset on the beach with this stylish beach towel. (Purchase link)

9. Leather Military Keychain

Keychain is built to last multiple generations using the highest quality materials. The keychain is both stylish and minimalistic in design. (Purchase link)

10. Corgi Socks

These corgi socks will warm Dad’s feet and his heart. (Purchase link)

11. Bottle Opener Dog Leash

Cycle dog pet company, is the USA’s leading recycled pet products manufacturer. Cycle dog award winning collars and leads are made with post-consumer recycled rubber. The patent pending pup top bottle opener redefines man’s best friend. Proudly made in the USA. (Purchase link)

12. Corgi Kigrumi Onesie

Become a corgi! This is real life, the moment you’ve been waiting for, your chance to become a corgi. (Purchase link)


Happy Father’s Day to all of the special dads out there. Whether you are a human dad or a corgi dad, we appreciate you!


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