Howlin’ Good Times at San Francisco Corgi Con 2018

On June 16th 2018, hundreds of corgis and corgi enthusiasts descended upon Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California. Here’s the lowdown on the low-riders exciting fun filled day of vendors and events. I’ve gone to so many corgi events in the past, but I had no idea what to expect going to Corgi Con. The people at NorCal Corgi Con had a full schedule of events planned all day, so right off the bat I was excited to enjoy a day at the beach with my stumpy best friend, Mugen.


When we got there the parking situation left a lot to be desired, but with almost 900 corgis in attendance last year it was to be expected. Once we made it to the beach, we setup and set out on an adventure through the con. The weather was amazing, between a cool 65-70 degrees all day with a little bit of cloud cover later in the day. Mugen seemed to be the happiest corgi at the con. He got to meet tons of new friends and we ran into some old friends from our local corgi meetup group too.

The con was a literal sea of people, there were so many people without dogs that came to the con just so they could pet corgis. Not all the attendees were corgis either! There was a mix of other dogs with their corgi enthusiast owners. At one point, I even saw one cat who traveled in his very own backpack habitat. I brought along some Corgi Things stickers to give away during the con, if you were paying attention to the Corgi Things Instagram account, people could come find Mugen and myself for some free stickers (Thank you so much for those who found me, it was lovely meeting you all!).

Photo by @getyourcorgon

After we took our Corgi Con group photo, the real fun began. First up was the agility showcase, where corgis could test their hurdle jumping skills. After that, the was the costume contest. There were corgis dressed as dinosaurs, tacos, banana splits and dragons. I’m pretty sure that it’s the cutest parade that I have ever witnessed. The winner was a corgi dressed as stegosaurus and his handler was dressed as a T-rex. People went wild when they saw the pair, it was beyond adorable. Up next was the Corgi Races and there’s nothing better than little legs running at full speed across the beach.

As events started winding down we relaxed a bit in the sand and Mugen took a short nap. Thankfully the cloud cover came in a bit because I was feeling a little sun burnt even with my SPF 100 sunblock. Once Mugen had his fun and was exhausted, we made our way home. Overall it was a great day at the beach surrounded by like-minded corgi enthusiasts.



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