Dog Summer Safety Tips

Summer is officially here and boy are things heating up outside already. It’s great that you want to take your corgi out during summer for some fun activities. Just keep in mind that the summer heat can really take a toll on your pup during the peak hours of the day. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your stumper safe during Summer.

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Never Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car

This is probably the oldest rule in the book! Leaving your dog in a car, even with the windows down can create an oven like environment for them. All it takes is 15 grueling minutes for a dog trapped in a hot car to suffer brain damage and heatstroke or death. While 15 minutes may not seem like a lot when you are running in to grab a coffee or wait in line at the post office, it’s a long time for a dog in a sweltering car. Dogs don’t sweat like we do, all they can do is pant to keep themselves cool and some dogs are more susceptible to the heat than others (young, old, thick furred and flat faced dogs have it even harder!). If you see a dog in a hot car, look for signs of distress: excessive panting/drooling, vomiting, lethargy or unresponsiveness. Report it to the police and look for the owner before taking any drastic actions. Some states allow good Samaritans to break car windows to help trapped animals & children, but some do not. Look into your local state and city laws so you know the proper steps to take to help safe a life!

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Hot Concrete Burns Paws

A general rule of thumb is, if it’s too hot to hold your hand or bare foot to asphalt or concrete for more than 10 seconds, it’s too hot to walk your dog on it. Once temps reach around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, ground that has been in direct sunlight can be upwards of 123 degrees. A dogs paws can burn on hot pavement so it’s up to us to protect their feet in the summer. There are a handful of things you can do to keep your pup safe! Try walking your dog earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it’s cooler or the sun is going down. There’s also the option of getting your dog all terrain shoes or socks to walk them in the afternoon hours. Keeping them on the grass or in the shady part of a park also helps.

Bring Portable Water With You

It’s always good to keep your dog hydrated, but it’s surprising how many people forget to bring a bowl of water for their dog at the park or beach during the Summer. I always make it a point to bring a larger dog bowl and a gallon of water with us to corgi meetups so all of the pups can get enough water during their visit. There are some really great travel water bowls and dispensers on the market that can easily clip to a bag for easy access.

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Summer Trips Are Fun, But Check Your Local Laws First

Whether you are heading out to the beach, camping or to a national park, it’s always a safe bet to check your local laws to make sure it’s okay to take your furry best friend with you. Some beaches and parks only allow dogs in specific areas on a leash. While others may let your dog run free off-leash or might not allow dogs during certain parts of the year. It’s always good to check the rules before you go because you might receive a hefty fine for having your dog somewhere that they aren’t allowed to be.

Vaccinate And Check With Your Vet About Local Viruses

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Speaking of heading out to the outdoors; fleas, ticks and dog shared viruses’ thrive during the summer. It’s always good to make sure your dog it up to date on all their shots before going out to have fun. Check with your vet about any viruses they’ve heard of going around and see if a vaccination is available. In addition to topical flea/tick preventative, we also use a flea and tick spray when we go hiking or camping around our pups legs and sides for added protection.

Please Don’t Shave Your Corgi!

Corgis are dogs with double-layered coats, they are built for all weather. You or a groomer should never shave any dog with a double-layered coat in summer. The double layer coat acts as a method of keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter. According to Wikipedia, “Double coats have a topcoat, made of stiff hairs to help repel water and shield from dirt, and an undercoat to serve as insulation.” Shaving that coat not only restricts your dogs natural ability to keep cool, but as a dog gets older their coat may not grow back proper or might not grow back at all.


Are you taking a trip with your corgi this summer? What are some of the ways you are keeping your pup cool in the heat?


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(Cover photo: Erin & Ollie, Mugen)

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