Corgi Gift Guide: Last Minute Amazon Prime Gifts

Need a last minute gift for a dog OR a human? Check out our top picks directly from Amazon with prime shipping available.

1. Pizza Corgi Print

Do you dream of pizza AND corgis? How about the two combined? What about a unique gift a foodie and corgi lover is sure to love. (Purchase link)

2. Glass Corgi Ornament

Designed and created just like your favorite ornaments were back in the day. A paw-fect addition for any tree. (Purchase link)

3. “Beware of Wigglebutts” Sign

Let everyone know how much corgi butts drive you nuts! (Purchase link)

4. Furbo: Dog Treat Tossing Webcam

Full HD camera 2 way communication device so you can always be there for your pup, even when you’re out of the house. (Purchase link)

5. Douglas Toys, Plush Corgi

A versatile simple gift for any exchange, white elephant or children. (Purchase link)

6. Corgi Coloring Book: It’s So Fluffy

Color all the corgi butts! (Purchase link)

7. Corgi Slippers

Keep your dogs from barking about the winter cold.  (Purchase link)

8. Barkbox Super Chewer Gift Box

High quality treats and tough toys all in one complete box. (Purchase link)

9. Stainless Steel Corgi Keychain

For the minimalist and refined corgi connoisseur. (Purchase link)

10. Undercover Unicorgi Plush

Hey look a unicorn! Wait a minute… (Purchase link)

11. Corgi Bathroom Sandals

Cute and functional. (Purchase link)

12. Poof Pet Activity Tracker

Keep up to date with your pets daily activities. (Purchase link)


What did you ask Santa-Corg for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!


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