2018 Corgi Cookie Contest

To celebrate the release of our new 3D printed cookie cutters, we decided to host our first-ever Corgi Things Cookie Contest on Instagram. We received some “fur”nomenal entries (seriously, we loved them all), and it was incredibly difficult for us to choose winners. We are so impressed with the creativity, especially knowing that this was the first time a lot of the participants had decorated cookies.

In addition to the grand prize winners, we ended up creating several smaller categories to highlight other notable (and hilarious) entries.

Contest Details:

Using any of our Corgi Things cookie cutters, create a cookie of your own corgi and/or of your favorite Instagram corgi(s). We encourage you to be creative, you can build a “scene” for your corgi, create accessories for them, film a video, etc! Entries will be judged based on both likeness, personality, and creativity. 

Grand Prize Winner #1: 

Winner: @tinytoby_bigadventures

This entry really “wow”ed us! Judging by all the comments on the posts, a lot of you thought so too. Their cookie creation contained over 30 cookies, all pawfectly decorated with royal icing. Cookie Toby is hanging out in the big red sleigh, pulled by Corgdeers. If you look closely, the reindeers’ scarves have their names on them, and Rudolph is leading the pack with his signature red nose!

“When can we eat them?” – Toby
A pawfessional hard at work.
Reindeer corgis are delivering presents to this Corgi Village!

Grand Prize Winner #2:

Winner: @alexandra.jantzen

If you already follow Sammy on Instagram, you’ll know that he has a condition called Megaesophagus. This requires him to sit upright in a Bailey Chair so he can properly digest his food. For this entry, Sammy’s parents got creative and made a Sammy cookie by Macgyvering the cookie cutter shape so they could make a corgi sitting up, then built him a cookie Bailey Chair!

Not only did they make cookie Sammy, they also made Sammy’s sisfur Greta, a Swedish Vallhund. The swirl technique to match her fur coloring are so spot on, and they even included a little tennis ball cookie. Totally #Twinning 🙂

Fun fact, Sammy’s real life Bailey Chair was built by his dad!
Cookie Sammy and Cookie Greta
Working hard on Greta’s vallhund swirls.

Other Notable Entries

“Too Sweet to Eat” 

Cutest accessories and little details that made us go “awwww!”

Winner: @tom_corg

This adorable little creation has the sweetest details. In this snowy scene, we’ve got corgis wearing Corgmas sweaters, roasting marshmallows, decorating gingerbread trees, and building snowmen. The snow is even made out of cotton candy! Truly a winter wonderland.

It’s a winter wonderland!

Honorable Mention:@jennifermcaputo

Jennifer was the first to submit her contest entry, and she really set the bar high for the rest of us! Santa Corg is coming down the chimney for Corgmas… but will this floofy butt get stuck? 😉 This entry is beautifully done, especially with the small details like the logs in the fireplace, mini “CHEERS” flag, and sparkly snow on the rooftop.

Santa Corg here, anyone home?
Fluffy butts + chimneys…

Honorable Mention: @modern_love

Alison baked dozens of cookies and then showcased them on various “scenes”. We love the various expressions she created for them! The corgi yoga scene is particularly clever. #DownwardDoggos

Namaste, corgis.
BORK BORK! Good boy doing a good job!

Honorable Mention: @corgicreatures

What a way to ring in the new year with corgi cookies. They’re ready to pawty like it’s 1999! These corgis are dressed to the nines, sporting party hats, dapper bowties, and 2019 sashes. And, they look just like their real life inspirations, Obi Toes & Osa Bones.

Honorable Mention: @yumi.corgi

This is such a cute and creative idea for Valentine’s Day, or as a gift for someone you “loaf”. They’re oh-so sweet. <3

This is so darling.

Honorable Mention: @kellydull

Kelly is a pawfessional pastry chef from Chicago. Knowing that, I was super excited to see what she would create. We love that she used fondant to create accessories and outfits for her corgi cookies. The ear muffs are precious and details on the string of Christmas lights are so impressive!


“Best Storyteller” 

Winner: @beholdabasset

We think Kacie (@beholdabasset) has a future in writing children’s books. In this “whodunnit” story, Princess Peach Private Eye solves the mystery of the missing sprinkled doughnuts! Will she find any clues? How will Princess Peach Private Eye solve this mystery? Tap on the image to read the full story and find out what happens in the end of this gripping tale.

View Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrtYQWgAHdk/

Read the full story!


Corgi cookie doppelgangers!

Winner: @therealcookiemaggie

I always get really excited about cardigan corgi furiends! Maggie is the mom of Tuggs (@lordtuggs), this beautifully derpy cardigan corgi pictured below. Maggie has a food blogger and enjoys cooking as a hobby, but did not bake very often until she discovered our corgi cookie cutters. They turned out great, and I love the cardigan coloring she did with royal icing. They’re spot on! 😉

Maggie’s cardigan corgi, Tuggs.
Tuggs cookies!

Honorable Mention: @corgizero

If you love corgi butts, there’s a 99.999% chance you’ve admired Zero’s swimmy butt and stumps in this infamous video. Of course Cookie Zero had to go for a swim too! (Fun fact: Zero’s dad painted this cute pool backdrop.)

View video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsCNk8VAj_a/

Tap to view video!

Honorable Mention: @jinashinn

Can we take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of this tricolor cookie? Jina, Harvey’s mom, got Harvey’s fur coloring just right, and those little signature tricolor eyebrows are the cutest touch. If you tap into the post, you’ll see Harvey was very helpful throughout the baking process. 🙂

(Tap on image to view Instagram post)

“Is that me?”

Honorable Mention: @harperthecowboycorgi

When you have a unique corgi, you make unique cookies! Harper is a corgi x blue heeler mix. We love the texture they added on the Harper cookies to match his special coloring.

Harper’s quite the climber! 😉


“Most LOL-worthy”

Can you guess which entries got the most “LOL”s?

Winner: @worriedstumps

“They see you when you’re sleeping, they know when you’re awake”… These cookies made by Heather were a huge hit when we shared them on Instagram, especially the little guy on top of the gingerbread house who looks particularly shocked… or frightened… or just plain ol’ woke.

(But really… is he ok? Does he need help? Should we save him?)

We see you.

Honorable Mention: @adventures_with_corgis

Maybe it’s just me, but becoming a dog mom has also resulted in me developing an odd fascination with poop. Something about dog poop just makes me laugh, and is a topic of conversation at least once a day in our household. The idea that @adventures_with_corgis documented the process of engineering the cookie ‘poop chute’ is too funny.

Tap into the post to watch the video for laughs! If only our corgis pooped out sprinkles, right?

Video link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Br9jlkag-s8/


“Nailed It!”

Lastly, we present the winners of everyone’s favorite category. We’ve had our own set of “cookie fails”, but these fails spoke to the deepest depths of our cookie souls.

Winner: @tatersgonnatot

Oh my gooberness gracious. What a beauty.


Honorable Mention: @corgihappi

What starts off as the sweetest little short film takes a turn at the end! So effort. So beautiful. So scare. #NotSureIfHorrorFilm

Doin me a scare?!

Honorable Mention: @thestumpybrigade

Gluten free flour + cookies = blobs. #SendHelp

Corgis or hippos? No one will ever know…

Corgratulations to everyone to pawticipated, it was insanely hard to narrow down because they were all SO good. Do you have any fun ideas for contests we could do in the future? Or photos of your own corgi cookies you’d like to post? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. Kathi says:

    I didn’t envy your job to choose winners, but I think you did great! All of the entries were so clever. Great job everyone!!

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