An Interview with Andrea Lufti, Creator of Snugs & Cuds Blankets

Snugs & Cuds is a new shop started by Andrea Lufti. Andrea had lost her corgi girl, Ginger, to lymphoma. She was inspired to start Snugs & Cuds to give back to the community and continue spreading Ginger’s love. She will be debuting her blankets at Corgi Beach Day on October 28th. Andrea graciously sent us a blanket that Lucy absolutely adores. The pattern is beautiful, is super duper soft, and I love that it features custom illustrations of Ginger. It’s such a wonderful tribute to her beautiful corgi girl and you can tell Andrea pours her heart into each blanket she sews. Thank you to Andrea for taking the time out to tell us about Snugs & Cuds. Continue reading below to learn about their story.

Guest Post: Fun Corgi Puzzles Made with Household Items

Guest post by Mat Coulton

Corgis are smart dogs. Stimulating them to think and learn is just as important as regular exercise. This article will give you some great ideas for making some fun toys for your little Einstein out of every day household items.

Great for a rainy day or just for entertainment, give some of these toys a try:

Muffin Tin Puzzle

Corgi Beach Day Essentials

(Cover photo by Brenda Hubbard)

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! It’s corgi beach season and you know what that means. It’s time for all lowriders to feel the wind in their fur and sand beneath their paws. Check out these corgi beach essentials that will have your pup howling with excitement.


1. Corgi Things Beach Towels (via Etsy)


Keep those paws dry with corgis! Available in standard and circular.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Taking a Road Trip With Your Corgi

Featured Photo Credit: TheDailyCorgi

Guest Post Written By: Angie Hill of

Traveling with any pet can be quite an adventure, but traveling with a corgi is a pretty unique experience. I recently learned this after going on a short road trip to visit friends in another state. My corgi, Orbit, was just over a year old at the time, and this was to be his longest car ride ever.

Lucy’s Custom Harness by CustomDogJackets

Jill Lee is the owner of CustomDogJackets, located in Maryland, USA. Her motto is “We Fit Hard to Fit Dogs” and she specializes in custom attire for dogs of all shapes and sizes, especially hard to fit breeds like corgis, dachshunds, and more. Each piece is handmade with love, customized to your own pup’s measurements. 

Guest Post: Can I Give My Dog Dramamine?

Guest Post Written By: Sarah Robinson via

Contact Sarah: sarahrobinson24(at)

With so many of the fun places to visit with dogs needing a journey to get there, cars and dogs are as closely linked as movies and popcorn. Unfortunately for those canines that suffer from motion sickness, even a short trip can leave them shaking and salivating, and breakfast making an unscheduled reappearance; which may make you think twice before setting off to explore a new park.