Makers: Q&A with Joseph Court Candles

Denise Allegro is the owner of Joseph Court Candles, a candle company based in Mount Airy, Maryland. Denise started her company in 1998, after many years of working in the corporate finance world. She now has 205 scents (!!!) available in her collection, all tested and poured by hand. Denise is our October Maker of the Month and we were honored to have her participate in our Q&A!

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Makers: Q&A with Mousefitters

If you need to know anything about me, it’s that I love all things corgi (duh) and all things DISNEY! Corgis are the #1 obsession in my life, and Disney is #2.  I take a trip to Walt Disney World every other year, read Disney blogs, listen to Disney music, and watch Disney videos. So what happens when you marry the two things I love together? *cue celebratory music* HEAVENNNNNN in the form of Mickey ears!

Makers: Q&A with Corgwn Creations

Lisa is the talented stained glass artist behind Corgwyn Creations. I first came across her work on Facebook and saw her work posted in various corgi Facebook groups. I love that every piece is hand crafted and her designs are whimsical and adorable. I was fascinated that she produced all of her stained glass pieces from her own home! I reached out to Lisa to see if she’d be interested in showing us how all this corgi magic happens.

Makers: Q&A with TwoCloud

Anna is a newcomer to the corgi Maker scene from Moscow, Russia, and is the proud shopowner of TwoCloud. She creates clay corgi figurines wearing cute costumes! I started following her Instagram account early on, and really appreciated the sense of humor her corgi figures embody. I mean… there are corgis dressed up as a cowboy sheriffs, mermaids, dinosaurs… HOW ADORABLE, RIGHT?! Read more about Anna below and be sure to check out her shop as well. (Click on any image to visit her shop)

Makers: Q&A with Le Animalé

Laura Johnston is the designer and artist behind le animalé. Her shop features beautifully sculpted mini figurines, which she calls ‘totems.’ She also makes jewelry, and all of her work is inspired by her love for animals. Laura creates these totems in hopes to spread comfort, positive-thinking, and happiness. Her “Fat Fat” Corgi Totem and Fat Fat Corgi Pin are what first caught my eye when I discovered her on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her work because everything is so simple and charming. This month, Laura shares stories about her work and her inspirations behind le animalé.