FAQ: Corgimoji Android Sticker App


Huzzah! The Android version of our Corgimoji Sticker app is now available in the Google Play store for $1.99USD. Because it was built specifically for Android, the functionality of the Android version is different from our iOS app. Make sure you read the instructions below. Please note that the screens may look different on different devices.

How to Use The Corgimoji Android App

Step 1: Download the Corgimoji app from the Google Play store, and open the app.

FAQ: Corgimoji iOS 10 Sticker App

Our first Corgi Things iOS 10 iMessage app was released last week! To those who have already downloaded the app, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The support has been incredible, and we’re so grateful to be a part of the corgi community. With the iOS 10 update, things were looking and feeling a little different, which meant we received a lot of questions over the past week (e.g. what the heck is an iMessage app, how do I install your Corgi Things stickers, is there an Android version, etc). We’ll address some of your frequently asked questions here.