Corgi Gift Guide: Must-Have Corgi Things for Stationery Lovers

Notebooks, planners, and paper goodies, oh my! Here are some pawfect gifts for the stationery obsessed corgi lovers in your life.

1. Sticky Notes by ThreeCheersForCorgis

Who loves corgis? We sure do! These sticky notes are sold in a sets of 3. They are 4×3 inches large and have 25 pages per pad. SHOP: Purchase Link

Corgi Gift Guide: Must-Have Corgi Things for Wine Lovers

Whether you enjoy cabernets or chardonnays, these corgi things must be on every wine lover’s wish lists this season.

Corgi Wine Accessories

Photo Credit: TheDailyDot
Photo Credit: TheDailyDot

Corki Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper and Preserver by TrueZoo

A staple in everyone’s collection is this wine stopper from TrueZoo. This adorable corgi wine stopper goes by the name of “Corki” (hehehe very clever) and is made of dishwasher safe silicone. It’s little arms hang off of the bottle opening and is super cute! SHOP:

Grooming 101: Combs and Brushes

Corgis shed. A lot. A lot a lot. A lot a lot alot.

Corgis defy physics (photo via Reddit).

I’ve eaten my fair share of corgi fur. I always have fur all over my pants, shirts, jackets, socks, hair, face. It’s nearly impossible to control what the fur will stick to. Their double coat stays with them all year long, which means shedding all year long. One of the most frequently asked questions in our Corgi Facebook groups are “How do I control the shedding?! I can stuff pillows!” Here’s a collection of advice I’ve picked up along the way.