An Interview with Andrea Lufti, Creator of Snugs & Cuds Blankets

Snugs & Cuds is a new shop started by Andrea Lufti. Andrea had lost her corgi girl, Ginger, to lymphoma. She was inspired to start Snugs & Cuds to give back to the community and continue spreading Ginger’s love. She will be debuting her blankets at Corgi Beach Day on October 28th. Andrea graciously sent us a blanket that Lucy absolutely adores. The pattern is beautiful, is super duper soft, and I love that it features custom illustrations of Ginger. It’s such a wonderful tribute to her beautiful corgi girl and you can tell Andrea pours her heart into each blanket she sews. Thank you to Andrea for taking the time out to tell us about Snugs & Cuds. Continue reading below to learn about their story.

Product Review: Corgi Collection by Joseph Court Candles

Denise Allegro is a fellow crazy corgi lady who also happens to be the owner of the amazing candle company Joseph Court Candles. (Check out her Makers Q&A to read all about the story behind her business. She’s such an inspiring entrepreneur!)

Denise and I connected after I saw her adorable corgi candles pop up in my Corgi Nation Facebook groups. She just released her corgi-themed candle collection this year and people were going bananas over them! Those adorable candle names really sealed the deal for me… “Splootin’ Pantaloons”, “Welsh Wiggle Butt”, and “Low Rider Love” just to name a few.

Product Review: Waffles the Memory Plush

A few months ago, we posted an interview featuring Sherrill and Andy from Memory Plush. They were preparing to launch their Kickstarter campaign for their very first Memory Plush… Waffles the Corgi! To no surprise, they met their goal in only 8 hours and ended their incredible campaign with over 1000 backers.

The Making of a Corgi Prom Dress

FTC: This is not a sponsored post.

June 25th was the first annual Corgi Nation Corgi Prom (yup, you heard it right), which took place on Facebook with over 1000 corgis and their pawrents. Corgi Prom was the genius idea by group admins Jillian Allinson, Baylie Bagby, and a few other corgi lovers.

Review: XXL Sturdibag™ Pet Carrier

Sturdi Products contacted Lucy and I about testing their latest version of their Sturdi Pet Carrier, designed specifically for long and stumpy corgi bodies.

For reference, Lucy is 25 lbs and on the petite side. She is smaller than most corgis we’ve met and her head/face is teeny so it makes her body look larger. But she is still stumpy and long!